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Martin Barraud

The artist behind the Installation

© 2018 Claire Williamson / Little Olives Photography 


Martin is a conceptual photographer and installation artist, often combining both creative disciplines in his finished work.

In 2016 he created the first Installation of the Perspex men representing the Fallen, and called it ‘There But Not There’. He also designed the logo showing the soldier with the lowered head, itself inspired by a contemporary photograph from the First World War.



His advertising commissions include the world’s largest maker of aero-engines (CFM), and the iconic zebra campaign for Investec. He works closely with Getty Images, to whom he sold his jointly-owned creative company in 2012.

Born of a long line of artists, photographers, silversmiths, stained-glass makers and clock makers, Martin is continuing in the tradition of his Huguenot forebears, engaging with the ever-growing global interest in installations.

There But Not There