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The Remembered Podcast is an opportunity to explore the First World War, and its continuing impact today, in more depth.

Each week, we’ll be chatting to beneficiaries of the There But Not There project, as well as other people who are working to commemorate the war in different ways. The First World War was fought on many fronts and by many different races and we want to give a platform to those different voices, while raising awareness of the There But Not There project.

As always, you can support There But Not There by purchasing one of our Tommies.

Episode Eight: Guy de Beaujeu, Producer of Journey’s End


Before we start, we wanted to let you know about our fundraising day.

On Wednesday 10th October, the Remembered team and many brilliant volunteers spent the day at various tube stations across London where we sold pin badges and raised money. Blake joined us for exclusive performances at Victoria, Westminster and Knightsbridge.

We now have the final numbers and can confirm that we raised over £19,000!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped us achieve that – our team, our volunteers, to Blake for their brilliant performances, and to every person who donated.

If you didn’t see us, or if you’re not based in London, you can still donate via the Donate button on our website. Our Tommy pins are also available in our shop.


In episode eight, we’re talking to Guy de Beaujeu, producer of the 2018 WWI film, Journey’s End, adapted from R.C. Sheriff’s 1928 play of the same name. 

Guy shares the challenges of adapting a play set in one room for the big screen and why they felt it was important to make it relevant for a modern audience.

A big thank you to Guy for coming to speak to us and, if you would like to host a viewing of Journey’s End at your church or place of worship you can find out more on the Church of England website.

Listener Stories

This week we have a very special story, from Ollie of Blake. Prior to working with us on our fundraising day, he sent over some information about his relatives experiences in WWI.

Thank you to Ollie for sharing those stories. If you have a story you would like to share, please send us 2-300 words or a 2min recording to with the Subject Line: Listener Stories

Next Week

Next week we’ll be speaking to John Heinsen, whose grandfather was a German WWI combat photographer. John is currently investigating the stories behind some of the photographs and is hoping that one of our listeners will be able to shed some light.

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