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The Remembered Podcast is an opportunity to explore the First World War, and its continuing impact today, in more depth.

Each week, we’ll be chatting to beneficiaries of the There But Not There project, as well as other people who are working to commemorate the war in different ways. The First World War was fought on many fronts and by many different races and we want to give a platform to those different voices, while raising awareness of the There But Not There project.

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Episode Nine: Walter Heinsen’s – WWI German Combat Photographer


John Heinsen is an LA based producer and the grandson of Walter Heinsen, a German combat photographer in World War One.

Working as a photographer’s apprentice before the war, when the age of conscription was lowered to 16 in 1917, Walter was drafted and was put to work as a photographer. John Heinsen now owns his grandfather’s albums and has been following in his footsteps, uncovering their historical significance as he goes.

Inspired to find the story behind the stories, John is particularly drawn to a photo of 30 Allied prisoners-of-war. John is determined to find out who these men are and what happened to them after this picture was taken.

Please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates as we will share the photograph when John releases it to the public. You can also follow John’s Facebook page for the project for more regular updates. If you recognise anyone in the image above and may be able to help us trace them, please get in touch!

Next Week

Next week we’ll be speaking to Hayyan Ayiz Bahbah of Forgotten Heroes.

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