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Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust will be opening a programme in the summer making very small grants to communities who want to engage in this activity but where there are financial barriers to them doing so.

Grants of up to £500 will be available for communities to purchase a small number of silhouettes  that can be placed in places of worship and community spaces. As part of their project communities will need to hold an event to bring people together to remember; and to think about the Armed Forces Community today. This event does not need to be lavish; and we anticipate that a number of communities would wish to have a lunch event or tea party. These grants are for the bench and chair silhouettes only and does not cover the 6ft  or 10″ Tommy figures.

In your application you would need to tell us

Why you need some financial help to install the silhouettes in your community

How you will bring people together for an event

How you might encourage people in your community to think about the Armed Forces today

We will open our grant programme in early summer, but our full guidance will be available from the end of April to help you plan your project.

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