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Brigadier Tresham Gregg CBE

Tresham Gregg was commissioned from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in 1968. He served in Germany as a troop leader before completing an operational tour in South Armagh in Northern Ireland. In 1971 he was seconded to the Sultan’s Armed Forces in Oman as a company commander in the Northern Frontier Regiment for a two year tour.

He commanded recce squadrons in 15th/19th Hussars both in Germany and Cyprus and spent two years as Assistant Military Attaché in the British Embassy Amman, Jordan. A staff tour followed in the MOD, before taking over command of the 15th/19th Hussars in Germany, following which he returned to instruct at the Army Staff College, via the Primary Joint Headquarters at High Wycombe where he remained for the duration of the first Gulf War in 1991.

He was appointed Chief of Staff of the newly forming 3rd (UK) Division in 1994, after which he took over as the senior British Officer in the UN Peace Forces HQ in Zagreb responsible for all UN forces in the Balkans, working directly to the French General Bernard Janvier and Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative. He ran the British Army’s training in Germany before taking over a TA brigade (145 Brigade).

He is currently the Senior Consultant for Northcott Global Solutions, a global emergency evacuation company, based in London.

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