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Remembered’s Tommy logo
Our logo and the commemorative Perspex Tommy were partly inspired by a photograph taken in WWI by Horace Nicholls (1867-1941).  Remembered is deeply proud to be associated with this image.

In 1917, Horace was appointed as the Home Front Official Photographer and subsequently the Imperial War Museum’s first official photographer. He was present at the interment of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey and the unveiling of the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

He was to lose his eldest son in action on the Western Front in 1917.

Horace specialised in capturing the human impact of the war including numerous photographs of women’s contributions to the war effort.

Horace was the son of a professional photographer and following an apprenticeship with his father on the Isle of Wight and Huddersfield, he headed for Johannesburg and, during the Boer War, he worked for the London-based periodical South Africa.

On his return to England he specialised in social and sporting events for magazines such as Tatler and the Illustrated News. He was one of the first photographers to make a living from documentary photography. Nicholls photographed Dorothy Levitt, the first British woman racing driver. His images were illustrated her book The Woman and the Car (1909).

Nicholls continued to work as a photographer until his retirement in 1936 and died in 1941. Horace Nicholls had five children, including noted character actor Anthony Nicholls (with Florence Holderness). His grandchildren include Grammy Award winning classical music producer James Mallinson, actor David Mallinson and actress Phoebe Nicholls and his great-grandchildren are actors Tom Sturridge and Matilda Sturridge.

Nicholls’ early work – some 1268 photographs – is held in The Royal Photographic Society’s Collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford. His First World War photography, comprising some 1,500 photographs, is held by Imperial War Museums, London. Other work is retained by members of his family.

All necessary image rights have been secured from Getty Images, Licence No.2051659695.

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