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Nestled in the centre of East Anglia, the town of Thetford is surrounded by military bases and has a naturally diverse community. The Thetford18to18 project was developed by local charities, museums, religious groups and local government to make sure the 1914-1918 conflict was recognised and commemorated in all corners.
There But Not There is an opportunity for Thetford to demonstrate the loss and hurt felt in all parts of the community. For Thetford this will not be a static display. We intend to take our Tommies across the town, into all churches, all community halls, all of our museums, our pubs, meeting groups, the historic guildhall and even into our theatre.
Partnering our silhouettes will be an educational board, giving our younger community members a chance to understand the personal impact behind the numbers they learn in school. No part of Thetford was left untouched by the 1914-1918 conflict and our silhouettes will demonstrate the loss felt by all of us, visiting as many corners of the town as possible.
Thetford18-18 is proud to truly live up to the three objectives of Remembered, to commemorate, to educate and to heal. Each of the 109 names on our War Memorial from the First World War left a hole in our community and we are honoured to be the ones bringing this project to our town.

For information on when and where you can see the Tommy and installation please contact the town council.

Thetford Town Council
King’s House,
King Street,
IP24 2AT

Tel: 01842 754247

There But Not There