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St Edmund’s College

On the walls leading up to the Chapel of St Edmund’s College, Ware, there are memorials to eighty-two Old Edmundians who fell during World War I. The Edmundian Association is running a project to visit the graves of every one of the eighty-two Fallen to pay tribute to the sacrifice these men made and to ensure they are not forgotten.

The Perspex figures will remember each and every one of these men, some of them boys, still in their teens, whose sacrifice helped to ensure our freedom today.

There is already an existing connection between the College and There But Not There: The artist behind the installation, Martin Barraud, happens to be the great grandson of Mark Barraud whose Mural artwork runs the length of the College’s Ambulacrum.

Although for a sombre reason, the College is delighted to be working with the Barraud family again on such an important project.

There But Not There