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Driffield Town Centre

Driffield is currently host to 2 6ft Tommies which sit above their memorial in their town centre. The memorial will remain until after November 11th,  when they will be conducting a very special church service at All Saints Church, Driffield. After examining newspapers from Armistice day in 1918, locals have been able to discover the details of the multi-denominational service of thanksgiving the residents of Driffield held on the day peace was announced.

“As newspapers of the day were excellent and gave full accounts of everything, we know what made up the service and will be replicating it exactly – from hymns, psalms, prayers and the sermon.  We feel it will be really special to have the people of Driffield standing in exactly the same place at exactly the same time 100 years on remembering the sacrifice our 131 young men made.  We are also doing the last post, lighting a beacon and ringing the church bells as well as laying wreaths at what will be a newly refurbished war memorial in the church yard.”

Claire Binnington, Driffield Town Council

Three seated silhouettes will also be installed for the remembrance period.

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