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All Saints Church – Foots Cray, Sidcup

All Saints Church in Foots Cray is celebrating the award of 8 silhouettes funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

They have put together an exhibition to commemorate the men of Foots Cray who fell in the First World War and have identified photos of those men and details of their background, which will be presented alongside the silhouettes.

The church will be open for visitors on the 8th, 9th and 10th November between 10.00 and 15.00 and will be attended by local dignitaries and schools.

George a local veteran said: “This project is so important because we must never forget.”

George lived in Foots Cray as a child and joined the RAF in December 1939, initially as a navigator, but being shot over the channel resulted in him having to retrain as ground flight engineer due to the damage to his lung. He left the RAF in May 1946.

He had relatives who fought in WW1, his own father and his father in law. An, uncle “Jack” was killed on the Somme. With all this he finds it hard to think that we are still talking about war.


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