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What’s the difference between Remembered and There But Not There?

There But Not there is the name of the Installation originally created in Penshurst in 2016.
‘Remembered’ is the new charity we have established to take the concept of ‘There But Not There’ to a far wider audience for 2018. After 2018, Remembered will have other projects to help it continue to achieve its aims.

Can anywhere install the sitting silhouettes in November 2018?

Yes, we would like to see installations wherever there is a Roll of Honour.

How do we obtain the silhouettes?

For all information about our silhouettes and to place an order, please go to our shop page. To be kept up to date with our campaign please sign up to our mailing list.

When will they be delivered?

We will start delivery from our launch in early 2018.

When should we use the silhouettes?

This is up to each community; they can be in place at any point leading up to and especially over the armistice period, the first two weeks of November.

Can we use them again in 2019, and beyond?

Yes, that is our hope. 2018 is not a full stop.

Do I need to look after my silhouettes?

Yes, they are clear Perspex and should be treated with care to avoid getting scratched.

Will I be able to order specific name blocks?

Yes, please head to our shop to find out more.

Do I have to order the name blocks, or can I use any other form of naming ie writing on a card?

No, you do not have to order the name blocks. You may choose to name or not name your Fallen in any way you choose.

Can we use any of the images and copy from the website for our own local promotions?

Yes, with permission and only in relation to the There But Not There project. Please contact us for permission.

Are the logo, silhouettes and images protected by Intellectual Property rights?

Yes, all appropriate copyrights, design rights and trade marks have been secured or formally applied for on our behalf by our London lawyers, Bristows.

I am a veteran suffering from the effects of my service. How do I seek your help?

Please contact us and we will endeavour to put you in contact with the most appropriate organisation.

There But Not There