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Together We Remember 1918-2018 application

Remembered, Youth United Foundation and the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust are pleased to offer uniformed youth groups the opportunity to take part in this year’s commemorative events. There But Not There will be the defining centenary commemoration of the end of the 1914-1918 war, installed where the men and women came from across the country, back in the communities they left behind. Through this award scheme we can remember the contribution those people made 100 years ago while bringing today’s communities back together. With the application below you can apply to host your own ‘There But Not There’ silhouette installation for free.

Please read the below Terms and Conditions carefully before proceed with your application which should be straightforward to complete.

If you have any queries please use the details on our contact us page or by email through

Terms and Conditions of Award

  • Your organisation agrees that its contact details can be passed to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and the charity Remembered, and their contracted delivery agents in order that they can arrange delivery of silhouettes to you
  • Your organisation agrees that its contact details and information about your planned event can be used by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and Remembered in respect of their promotion and reporting on the There But Not There programme, before and after the commemorative occasions
  • The silhouettes will be used at the event described which will take place during November 2018
  • Your organisation will then keep them safely and understands that it can use them again whenever you wish but if you want at any time to pass them on to another organisation, or failing that opportunity, needs to destroy them, you will do so with respect and due consideration of what they represent. You will not under any circumstances sell the silhouettes
  • You will acknowledge this award and the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, Remembered and Youth United Foundation in your own publicity where it is deemed appropriate
  • After your event you will provide us with a completed report that will detail the event and its delivery. It will include pictures and any relevant media coverage if possible and should be submitted using the link provided by Remembered.
  • The board or committee that runs your organisation understands and accepts that they will be the accountable body for the delivery of the project
  • You understand that if you make misleading statements or withhold information at any point your organisation may be liable to return any award you have received
  • You agree The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, Remembered and Youth United Foundation can use the information you have provided for the purposes described under their data protection policy

You can see the silhouettes for benches here and the silhouettes for chairs here.

Please read the above carefully before submitting

Fields with an asterisk are compulsory and must be filled in before submission.

There But Not There